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1.     Why am I running for re-election?

I retired in 2014 from a long career with Santee Cooper, the SC state-owned water and electric utility.  For two years following retirement, I was active in my community as a volunteer but felt I should be doing more.  I had been interested in serving as an elected official for several years.  In 2016, the timing and circumstances were right for me to run.

When the 2016 House District 100 Special Election was scheduled, I decided to file for the unexpired term knowing that I may only serve a few months.  I felt that District 100 deserved year-round representation in the House.  I was sworn into the SC House of Representatives June 15, 2016, and I am currently serving as the Representative for SC House District 100.  

As a first-term legislator, I made a point to observe the process, listen to the views of my constituents, listen to the concerns of the local and state business community, and develop relationships with my colleagues.  I felt that this was an important first step.  However, the time has come to put some things into motion based on my first-term observations. I plan to continue my focus on issues important to South Carolina and have legislation in mind to help accomplish these things.  


2.     What are my qualifications?

Real World Understanding

I grew up in a family of small business owners.  I saw first-hand how long and hard the small business owner works and I understand the concerns and issues.  I began working during the summers at the age of 13 for my father in a factory.  I operated a sanding machine on the factory floor!  I know what it’s like to stand on your feet all day, in the heat, and come home with sawdust all over your clothes, in your hair, and in your nose!  I worked every summer after that time and until I graduated from college and began my career.

I grew up learning the value of hard work and honest effort.  I saw my grandfather’s business suffer because of the growth of overseas imports.  From an early age, I learned to check my change for the errant silver coins!  I learned to save money and invest money.  I learned to pay my debts first.  I learned to tell the truth.  I learned to appreciate creativity and ingenuity.  And I learned to give back to my community.

Education and Experience

I graduated from the College of Charleston in 1983 with a B.S. degree in Mathematics.  During my time in college, I was involved in numerous organizations and honor societies, including the Young Republicans.  In fact, I cast my very first vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980!  I also earned a M.A. degree from Webster University in Computer and Information Resources Management.  An interesting aside, during that time I wrote a paper on the use of symbols to communicate emotion in electronic mail – now referred to as emojis!

I enjoyed a 31-year career at Santee Cooper with 20 years in Information Technology seeing many technology “firsts” along the way.  I was involved in planning, budgeting, disaster recovery planning, networking, databases, security, voice communications – you name it.  For many years, I was “on call” 24 x 7, answering calls and fixing problems during all hours of the night.  The next 11 years of my career I spent in management with responsibility for an $80M budget and work in data analysis, bulk power sales, contract administration, and contract negotiations.  I led the team to implement an Environmental Management System as outlined by the EPA and was involved in a study to consider renewable energy and energy efficiency options.  I was also a special guest speaker of the Board of Economic Advisors several years as part of a discussion used to develop the SC state revenue forecast.  In addition, I have spent many hours in conversations and negotiations of a contractual nature.  

I recently joined the College of Charleston Alumni Board and I am involved with the College of Charleston School of Science and Mathematics.

Desire to Make a Difference

My volunteer work and travel has given me a better understanding of our community and the world around us.

I have four sons – 3 are adults and 1 is in school at Berkeley High.  I have always been involved in public education and children’s activities during the time the boys were growing up.

Over those years, I was actively involved in the Santee Cooper Read with a Child program, Jr. Achievement, School Improvement Councils, PTOs, and various church activities supporting the education of children.  I am a past Board of Trustees chair of the South Carolina School Improvement Council.  Currently, I am involved in the Berkeley High School Academic Booster Club serving as Treasurer.  I have seen children excel, and I have seen them fall through the cracks.  I have seen teachers work with the disabled to ensure they are treated like their peers.  I have seen school administrators welcome children to school like they were coming home.  I have seen many sporting events, from recreation league to high school, cheering for boys and girls like they are my own.

Also, I have volunteered with Helping Hands of Goose Creek, a food pantry.  I have seen people who are desperate for assistance and I have seen children clutching food in their hands like it may be their last meal.  I have heard heartfelt “Thank you”s and “God bless you”s that were said with emotion and genuineness. 

I have lived in Berkeley County for over 20 years now and I have come to appreciate the loving, generous people, the beautiful natural surroundings, and the rich history of this magical place.


3.     What do I plan to do in office?


I plan to continue to listen – listen to the voters, to small businesses, to teachers and administrators, to veterans, to active military members, to policemen, firemen, first responders, to the town and county officials and administrators, to the School Board, to the Berkeley County delegation, to the economic development agencies, and to the Chamber of Commerce, among many others.

Then Continue to Work Together, leading to

As I am listening, I will continue to work together with others creating trust and understanding.  This will form the foundation to enable constructive conversation in the future.

Getting Things Done!

Listening and working together will lead to productive conversations and finding solutions to get things done!  








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