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We are beginning to see explosive economic growth in Berkeley County.  The job outlook is bright and companies will continue to be interested in moving into Berkeley County.  


Education is vital to economic growth and improved quality of life.  I support adult education outreach efforts, efforts to improve the quality of our K-12 public education system, and expansion of apprenticeships.  


In support of an expanding economy, job growth, population growth, and the process of connecting job-seekers with jobs, it will be imperative that we continue to expand, repair, and secure our transportation infrastructure.


Security has become a larger part of our lives recently, and more than at any other time in my lifetime. Citizens are weary of the number of mass shootings and acts of terror carried out by not only radical islamic terrorists but others within our country who mean to do us harm.  There is no question that the rights that we have as American citizens under the 2nd Amendment must be preserved while also ensuring the violence ends.

Protection of Natural Resources and History

South Carolina and Berkeley County consist of a wealth of natural resources such as our forests, waterways, lakes, and wildlife.  Our rich history and beautiful surroundings are a source of pride and enjoyment.  This is what we love about living where we do and contributes immensely to our quality of life.  These resources must be protected and not sacrificed in the name of uncontrolled growth.

We must develop a state-wide conservation plan, proceed with caution on any action to explore off-shore oil and natural gas resources, and re-authorize the Conservation Bank.

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